Reverse engineer your day


I wrote this margin note after reading a fascinating chapter on learning outcomes and wondering how to apply its principles to daily living. This little snippet of an idea emerged: what if, instead of thinking about your day from the morning forward, you worked your way backward? What if you thought about how you’d like your day to end and then what you could do to make it happen? What if you reverse engineered your days?


What did you share today?

New month, new journal calendar page. Bring on the new.

Today’s prompt was “shared” and, at first, I couldn’t think of a single thing. Then I thought about my lost tripod and how I called my husband earlier today, hoping he would remember what I’d done with it — and how we shared our memories of the last time I used it — because it was new and figuring out the best setup became a group project — and how we ended up finding it, right where I left it.

(And then I discovered I didn’t need it after all. But I had the loveliest chat with my sweetheart, right in the middle of the day. So, it all worked out exactly as it was meant to.)

How about you? What did you share today?


What did you prepare today?

I love these little boxes and their odd questions.

Today, I prepared yet another batch of painted pages. I think I’m at 9 attempts now. Not quite there yet, but I’m learning to use a mop brush (and makeup sponges as makeshift brushes!) and my scanner’s settings make a little more sense every day. There might even be a new journal page, somewhere in the distance.

How about you? What did you prepare today?


What did you figure out today?

I’ve been thinking about new ways to play with colour and shapes in my journal pages — both my personal pages and my printables. Today, I think I figured out the beginnings of a new journal project — one that will involve a little paint, a scanner and lots of prompts. I love new projects!

What did you figure out today?


The 7 characteristics I'm bringing to my experiences this year


Last week, Joy the Baker wrote about the 6 ingredients she’s baking with this year and her post has been on my mind ever since.

She wrote:

With the new year coming into focus I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to play with in my kitchen, what I want my baking to taste like, and how I want to stretch myself and my ingredient list.

It got me thinking about applying this approach to my own life. What ideas do I want to play with this year? What do I want my experiences to be like? How do I want to stretch myself?

I wrote my answers in my journal, above. Thank you, Joy, for the inspiration!

How about you? What characteristics are you bringing to your experiences this year?