Do you ever wish you could stop the world – even for a few minutes – so that you could …


… think about what you want to do before you act?

… figure out what you want to say before you speak?

… weigh all of your options before you make important decisions?

… know yourself better so that your choices reflect the person you know you are and the life you want to lead?


You can.


Journaling is a simple and inexpensive way to take a step back from the chaos and create the meaningful life you’ve always wanted.

My name is Christie Zimmer and I can help you start journaling and keep journaling.

I’ve been writing and designing guided journals since 2010. Online, I’ve sold journals at home and abroad and earned a 5-star customer feedback rating in my Etsy shop. Offline, I’ve created reflective learning materials and given journaling workshops for schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Journaling is my passion, my obsession. It has changed my life, deepened it, made it more productive, more rewarding, and so much more interesting. It’s my support on a rainy day, my inspiration when I’m out of ideas, the story of my journey so far, and the place where I plan for my future.

Between the covers of your journal is a tool of exceptional potential. It’s a memory keeper, a goal tracker, a problem solver, a dream builder, a time scheduler, and a thinking place like no other.

Regular journaling stimulates the type of purposeful reflection that can transform you into the most effective, most fulfilled version of yourself. The better you understand yourself, your strengths and your unique circumstances, the more prepared you are to set, pursue, and achieve the priorities that matter most to you. But there’s no quick fix, no easy three step solution for creating a life you love. It requires thoughtful inquiry and a willingness to experiment and explore.

Which is where I can help:

  • By giving you something to write about every time you sit down to journal and

  • By giving you a wide variety of journal prompts that encourage you to reflect on just about every subject you’ll encounter on your way to your best life: 

    • from the smallest details of your days to the step-by-step achievement of your biggest goals,

    • from the strengths you bring to your successes to the skills you’re still developing,

    • from the people and places you adore to the people and places you’d love to get to know,

    • from the good times to the difficult moments and back again and the lessons learned along the way,

    • and so much more.

I am always developing new prompts and journal materials.

I post them on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook; I sell guided journals in my shop; and I write about journaling in my newsletter. My newest adventure is happening over on Patreon, where I'm encouraging and supporting regular journaling with a 5-day, real-time journal challenge each month, lots of new printables and prompts, and much discussion about creating lives we love.

So, if you find yourself perpetually out of time and out of breath, reacting to the chaos around you, instead of purposefully moving through it toward the life you want, now is an excellent time to take up journaling.

And I’m happy to help.

Take a look around. Make yourself comfortable.

Choose a prompt or a printable journal page and start writing. If you have any questions, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you and I’m always happy to chat.

Best wishes and happy journaling,