Personalized Guided Journaling - Journal Your Days


Personalized Guided Journaling - Journal Your Days


Journal with me for three weeks!

I'll send you daily journal prompts each weekday (Monday to Friday). At the end of each week, I'll round up your replies and send them back to you in a lovely printable PDF along with a brand new printable journal page with additional prompts.

Select the start date that works best for you for this session.

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The details:

Prompts for this session will explore the best parts of your days, the parts that could use a little tweaking, and ideas for small changes to your daily routine that could make a big difference.

IN WEEK ONE, you’ll answer the same prompt every day.
IN WEEK TWO, you'll receive a variety of prompts on a common subject.
IN WEEK THREE, you'll answer a set of progressive, action-oriented prompts.

That’s it! A fun, collaborative, slightly unconventional way to experience regular journaling for three weeks and a unique opportunity to kickstart (or re-start!) a new journaling practice of your own that can serve you for years to come.