Who or what (or where?) did you visit today?

My only visit today was to one of our local parks with the puppy at lunchtime. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. The park, while within walking distance, is part of our regular route. I’ve been there a thousand times and felt sure I’d be hard pressed to journal anything interesting about it.

So I set myself a challenge — to find one beautiful thing while we were there. It started raining along the way and the park was dull and muddy. I worried I wouldn’t find anything beautiful.

Then I looked up. The sky, while mostly grey, showed the slightest hint of purple and the trees around me, while bare and spindly, took on another quality when viewed from directly below. The shapes made by their overlapping branches reminded me of cracks in the ice on a pond or a system of rivers and their tributaries photographed from far above. It was mesmerizing. I snapped a quick photo from beneath the trees on my phone before returning home — a little soggier than before, but also kind of ridiculously happy.

I printed the photo on some copy paper, cropped off a little snippet and added it to my journal entry for today.

Who or what or where did you visit today?


What did you notice today?

Happy New Year, friends! I’ve just filled in January 2nd on my printable journal calendar and thought it might be fun to share my entries this month.

Today, first and foremost, I noticed the weather. It’s freezing! Thankfully, it’s not windy, so our trip to the dog park this morning was quite pleasant. While we were there, I noticed that our puppy, Sundae, seems much happier playing among many dogs than one on one. As more and more dogs arrive, she bounces from dog to dog, saying hello and making friends, hoping one or two will give her a good chase. It’s such fun to watch and after a few too many late nights, decadent treats, and out-of-town visits during the holidays, it’s lovely to get back to our usual routines.

What did you notice today?