New journal pages: Noticing the things that make you happy

This new set of journal pages is made up of all the things I love about journaling: noticing, making sense and taking action. It's reflection in a nutshell.

But the best part? It's four pages of happy things. Your happy things. You may be surprised to discover just how many of them you'll find right here, in the life you're living right now.

This set is all about harnessing the very serious power of reflection to recognize the things that make you happy, to understand them (and yourself!) better and then -- and here's the most serious part of all -- to go out and do them more often. Because in addition to the hard things and the necessary things and the boring things and the stressful things, you also deserve happy things and you absolutely have the strength and resolve to make them happen.

As always, I'll be cheering you on all the way!


Journals and envelopes in progress


In progress today:

  1. three mini journals in the top row — all paired with handmade envelopes and awaiting handwritten notes — almost ready to be mailed out,

  2. the beginnings of a set of nested envelopes — one fits inside another, which fits inside another and so on — not entirely sure what I’ll do with these, and

  3. two new mini journals to be completed and given away.

What are you up to?


Daily Business Cards


I’ve been working on a new conceptual project. It’s entirely impractical, but such fun to think about.

Instead of relying on a single business or contact card to share our pertinent info, updated every once in a while as required, what if we lived in a world where our cards were updated daily, as a nod to the many different roles we take on from day to day?

Starting this week, I created a new whimsical business card each day. I think I’ll keep at it a while longer and see where it takes me.

If you created a business or contact card for yourself based on what you’ve been up to today, what would your title be?