Experiments in Journaling - Part 9

(Originally posted on October 11, 2017)


When words are hard to come by.

(It’s not really so bleak. Today’s been a bit tangled and I would much prefer a straight line. I’m going to add more words to the tangle, once I figure out what they are.)


Experiments in Journaling - Part 8

(Originally posted on October 10, 2017)


Not a great day today. In other words, a perfect day to write a how-to-turn-a-bad-day-into-a-good-day-list.

A few on my list: journal (of course), give someone else a reason to smile, make bright and colourful things, shift focus and efforts to other stuff, silly pet videos, speak up, have a cup of tea, learn something from it, take a deep breath, give yourself a break, hugs, talk it out, go for a walk.

You know what? A cup of tea, a colourful journal page, and some very deep breaths later, I’m starting to feel better. Off to try some of the other stuff.

What’s on your list?


Experiments in Journaling - Part 7

(Originally posted on October 6, 2017)


What do you do when you think you're on to something, but you're not quite there yet? What do you do with ideas that you're pretty sure you want to pursue, but that aren't yet fully formed? You put those ideas in your journal, of course -- where you can hold onto them for later, where you can evaluate them now that they're words on the page, where you can think a little on paper.

And when the ideas are difficult and still a bit uncomfortable to sort through, you can always add lighten the mood and brighten things up with tissue paper stripes and white gel pens.

Prompt: Ideas I'm working through.


Experiments in Journaling - Part 5

(Originally posted on October 2, 2017)


Today's experiment: colour clouds. One colour per set of thoughts, with staggered margins. Kind of like actual thoughts, one bumping into the next. (It also felt a lot like putting a puzzle together. Which is one thing I love about journaling -- it often feels that way.)

Prompt: Making the most of ... family time, work time, night time, alone time, everyday routines/activities, and my journal.


Experiments in Journaling - Part 4

(Originally posted on September 29, 2017)


Remember those lift-the-flap books for toddlers? I see no reason why we can't incorporate that sense of playfulness and surprise into our journals.

This one starts as a list of fall things. But underneath each flap, I've jotted down a few thoughts about the list items and my adventures so far this fall. I can't wait to look back later at those memories -- hidden under the flaps.

Up next: Something crafty, I think...


Experiments in Journaling - Part 3

(Originally posted on September 28, 2017)


I'm always looking for ways to divide up journal pages and prompts, it seems, before I can jump in. Lists and categories and boxes with borders. Somehow the restrictions give me a place to start and then, once I get going, a way to spot the finish line.

This time, I sliced up a 5.5" square of cardstock and put it back together while working on a listy prompt. One thought per grid space. I really enjoyed this one and had a bit of an a-ha moment, too.

Up next: Something seasonal, I think.


Experiments in Journaling - Part 2

(Originally posted on September 27, 2016)


It took me a while to figure out where to start today, but once I did, I couldn't stop. Writing in snippets rather than paragraphs helped to get the ideas flowing and it felt quite freeing to write unconnected thoughts as they came to mind.

Perfect for days when your thoughts are all jumbled up or disjointed, like mine are today.

Up next: Not sure. I'm thinking flyer cutouts. Hmm.


Experiments in Journaling - Part 1

(Originally posted on September 26, 2017)


These days, I feel like experimenting, so I've decided to follow the impulse and see where it leads.

This one took a little too long to be a practical option on any sort of regular basis, but it just might be perfect for those days when I'm feeling impractical and craving a tactile experience. I loved playing with stitches and seeing the words come together slowly, letter by letter.

Up next: sticky notes!


A question for you . . .

(Originally posted on June 23, 2017)

UPDATE at 7:30 pm EST: Wow!! Thank you so much for your interest in my little experiment! The response here, on Facebook, and by email has been overwhelming. Unfortunately, I won't be able to take any additional volunteers. I'll be sure to let you know if there's another experiment in the future.

Thanks again, so much, for your interest!


Is anyone up for a little journal experiment?

When I think carefully about why I’m so drawn to journaling, it comes down to two things: simplicity and transformation. On any given day, my journal entries are mostly about noticing. What works? What doesn’t work? What thrills me? What doesn’t thrill me? Over time, however, as these observations accumulate, they lead to small, gradual changes that make my life better – steering me away from the stuff that doesn’t work and toward the stuff that does.

It’s not earth shattering, but it is profoundly useful. It fills me with gratitude for what I have and it gives me the confidence to choose and pursue the goals that matter most. That’s the journaling I’d like to share with you and I’d like to explore ways to share it more directly.

My experiment, which is really a hunch on my part, is to email you one super-simple journal prompt every weekday for two weeks. In week one, you’ll answer the same prompt every day. In week two, it will involve progressive prompts on the same subject. Simply send me a quick reply each day and at the end of the week, I’ll round up your replies in a lovely little PDF and send them back to you (and only you) with some additional prompt suggestions.

The idea is that each PDF will give you a week’s accumulation of data all in one place. My hope is that you’ll begin to see patterns or trends in your data, leading you to discover small, but mighty, tweaks to your daily routine or your personal pursuits that will make your life better.

UPDATE: Thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately, I won't be able to accept any additional volunteers. I'll be sure to keep you posted about any future experiments. (ORIGINAL POST: If that sounds intriguing to you and you’d like to give it a try (at no cost to you), send me a quick message to let me know and I’ll follow up with a start date.)