Journal Prompt - Opposites and Contradictions


Opposites and contradictions, that's my theme for this week's journal prompts. Let's go looking for insight in life's little paradoxes. Just for fun. And speaking of fun, what's one thing you're up to this week that looks like work, but feels like fun?


Journal Prompt


Ending the week with an old favourite. Simple yet meaningful -- a gentle reminder that we get to choose our takeaways each day.

Next week, I'm thinking of testing out a set of prompts about voice. Finding, exploring, using our voices, that sort of thing. I'm a little nervous about it, to be honest, but excited, too. Who knows where it might lead?

But back to Friday. What would you like to remember about today?


Journal Prompt


At first I couldn't think of anything noteworthy and then I couldn't stop. It's tiny, our home, which means we're often together in the same spaces. Which has turned out to be a good thing, I think. It has helped us learn how to be together and function together. It suits us. It's also full to bursting with books and art projects, which also suits us. Third thing about our home: it's hiding in plain sight. We live on a major street, but you'd never know it. Ours is part of a short row, tucked behind strategically placed fencing and shrubbery and it still gives me a thrill to drive into our little laneway.

What are your three things?


Journal Prompt


I couldn’t keep it to three. My things are: unexplained coincidences, surprise reunions, real life tales of heroism or selflessness, weddings, happy endings, being tickled. What gives you goosebumps?


New Year Journal Prompt - Part 5

Our last New Year prompt! I hope you've enjoyed this week's look ahead at 2018.

My passion these days is exploring ideas about a well-lived life. The thing that fascinates me most about this subject is that it means something different – sometimes slightly different and sometimes profoundly different – for just about everyone. I’d like spend 2018 living my own version of a well-lived life and helping others to discover and live theirs.

What passion will you pursue in 2018?


New Year Journal Prompt - Part 2

This prompt, in one variation or another, is one I think about a lot.

Sometimes, when I'm about to do something that really scares me (like speak in front of a new group, share new work, or scoop up a spider in my daughter's bedroom), I remind myself to be brave. It totally helps. It acknowledges the fear without letting it take over. Be afraid and do it anyway, that's been my mantra lately.

This year, I'm going to expand my approach to journaling in ways that involve sharing more of myself and my ideas (and some of them might be a little unconventional). I don't know whether I'll succeed, but I believe that my ideas are good and useful, so I'll be brave and put them out there.

How will you be brave in 2018?


New Year Journal Prompt - Part 1

Happy New Year, fellow journalers!

One thing I can't wait to do in 2018 is experiment with my approach to journaling, so instead of my usual single prompt for the new year (ie. "three things you'll do to make the most of 2018" -- which I still totally love and will use again in the future), I thought it might be fun to explore our plans and expectations for the year from a variety of perspectives throughout the week.

Let's start with the good stuff. What can't you wait to do in 2018?