Journal Prompt - Seeing, hearing, feeling


I love prompts about noticing -- because there's so much I miss when I'm not paying attention. I also love prompts with gentle juxtapositions -- like looking outside, then inside in the moment.

Right now, I see snow -- lots of it, I hear machines -- the fan on my computer, traffic outside, a rumbly furnace, and I feel ... hmm, honestly, I feel hopeful in this moment. Which I'm glad I noticed.

How about you? If you stop right now, just for moment, what do you notice?


Journal Prompt - A job well done

Thought I'd start the week on a high note with a quick and colourful opportunity to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. What are your triumphs, big and small? What three things did you do well today?

P.S. This printable journal page is part of my Monday series over at Patreon, where you can journal with me and support my work all at the same time. Today also marks the start of my first 5-day, real-time journal challenge. You guys, I made a video! It's not too late to join in!


Journal Prompt - Projects to start and finish


I can't decide which is better, the thrill of starting a new project or the satisfaction of finishing an old one. I'm looking forward to finishing the planning for an upcoming fundraiser at my youngest daughter's school. It ends with a huge pasta dinner and a super-fun evening at the school. I can't wait to start my first 5-day, real-time journal session next week on Patreon. I'm a little nervous about trying something new, but mostly excited to see how it goes!

What are you up to these days? Which projects are you excited to start and finish?


Journal Prompt - A life well-lived

I was thrilled to send out this printable journal prompt this morning with deep gratitude to the wonderful patrons who have joined me on my newest adventure in guided journaling over at Patreon.

This is one of my favourite prompts. On the surface, it looks like a big-picture prompt, but deeper down, it has reverberations you can feel on even the most ordinary days.

The last time I journaled this prompt, more than a year ago, my three things were: making a positive contribution, nurturing and celebrating loving relationships, and never stop learning. They haven't changed in the interim, but writing them again today gives me a renewed sense of purpose. It reminds me that I can experience everyday events in ways that matter to me -- like greeting a stranger with a smile, taking time to share memorable moments with my daughters, or noticing something about my world that I hadn't noticed before. It reminds me that each day has a part to play in a well-lived life.

How about you? What's on your list?


Journal Prompt - Moments of balance

Today's prompt is a bit of a follow-up from Wednesday's prompt, which was, one thing you've found hard to find. The challenge of finding balance was a common theme in the comments on Instagram. It got me thinking about balance in the moment versus balance as a final destination, mostly because you can capture those individual moments of balance in your journal. Those you can work with.

For me, so much of journaling is about noticing the little things that work well or make my day better (and their opposites!), and then, little by little and where possible, making the good things a part of my life. Maybe balance begins there, too? As a collection of moments to be noticed, enjoyed and, if all goes well, repeated. What do you think?

Was there a moment this week when you noticed a sense of balance?


Journal Prompt - Finders keepers


One thing I've found surprisingly hard to find is ... a suitable background for my photos. Even as I write this, it seems like such a trivial matter, but I've spent a huge amount of time trying to get this one small thing right and I'm still not there.

This week, for example, if you had stopped by for a visit, you would have found me ironing sheets of tissue paper, trying to get the folds out. A fool's errand, I tell you. Those folds are there to stay. So, for now, it's back to the drawing board.

How about you? What have you found hard to find?


First poll over at Patreon

One of my new features over at Patreon is a weekly journal-related poll. I think it'll be a fun way to share our thoughts on journaling and develop new journal prompts and printables together.

This week I'm asking, "When do you journal?" and I've included responses such as "in the morning", "on weekends", "on vacation," and many more.

I've made this week's poll a public post so that you can give it a try. Once you've logged in -- it's free! -- you can add your responses and see the poll results so far.

If you'd like to share here in the comments instead, please do! I'd love to learn more about your journal practice!


Journal Prompt - Happy repeats

I was so excited to send out my first Patreon reward today -- this little prompt right here! I haven't really said much about my new Patreon page, other than linking to it from my website homepage. It's a really interesting platform that I think will help me to continue creating and sharing my journal work in a more sustainable way. I'll write more about it in the coming days as I settle in. If you'd like to check out my page, where I describe how it works, you can click here.

In the meantime, let's get to the prompt. At the top of my list is continuing to explore Patreon. I feel like it's going to be such a good fit. Tomorrow, I'll post my first poll and I can't wait! Two more things I'd happily repeat tomorrow are (1) tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies for my afternoon break and (2) walking outside in the warm (well, almost warm) sunshine.

How about you? What's happening today that you'd gladly repeat tomorrow?


New Front Page


Gave the website a little makeover with a new front page. It's mostly me, explaining what I do, but it's also my love letter to journaling. I hope you'll take a peek. I'd love to know what you think!


Journal Prompt - Strengths and skills


In this season of my life, the first item on my list is invariably perseverance, followed closely by its partner, patience. In parenting, work, and lately, puppy training, perseverance is king. Today, my organizational skills are also being tested. Big air quotes around the word skills when it comes to organization. But I'm working on it!

What's on your list?