Journal Prompt - Opposites and Contradictions 2


Continuing this week's theme of opposites and contradictions, let's take a look at the flip side of our troubles.

As an occasional glass-half-empty-er, I need this sort of challenge from time to time. Like when our lovely new puppy -- half-crazed with curiosity and nervous energy -- decides to dive at every cigarette butt, used tissue, and - dare I say it - dropping uncovered by melting snow rather than actually, you know, walk on our many daily walks. Instead of dreading each successive outing and obsessing over the work time lost to cigarette butts and used tissues, it has really helped to view our walks as opportunities -- to practice patience, to grow our bond, to teach and learn from each other, to be out in nature, to hone observation skills, and to move our bodies. Seeing opportunities instead of obstacles has made all the difference in these past months. It fills up my glass.

How about you? Where in your challenges are there opportunities waiting to be embraced?