Journal Prompt - A life well-lived

I was thrilled to send out this printable journal prompt this morning with deep gratitude to the wonderful patrons who have joined me on my newest adventure in guided journaling over at Patreon.

This is one of my favourite prompts. On the surface, it looks like a big-picture prompt, but deeper down, it has reverberations you can feel on even the most ordinary days.

The last time I journaled this prompt, more than a year ago, my three things were: making a positive contribution, nurturing and celebrating loving relationships, and never stop learning. They haven't changed in the interim, but writing them again today gives me a renewed sense of purpose. It reminds me that I can experience everyday events in ways that matter to me -- like greeting a stranger with a smile, taking time to share memorable moments with my daughters, or noticing something about my world that I hadn't noticed before. It reminds me that each day has a part to play in a well-lived life.

How about you? What's on your list?