Journal Prompt - Things That Aren't Perfect

This week's prompt is all about life's imperfections -- the ones you're making the best of, the ones you're working to change, and the ones you like just as they are.

I love this prompt for two reasons: first, it's a reminder that we can choose how to manage the challenges that come our way and, second, it reminds us that some imperfections fit our one-of-a-kind lives rather perfectly.

There are definitely some things I'm working to change, but there are also a wide variety imperfect things I wouldn't want any other way: our tiny home, my closest relationships, the way it takes me forever to chop vegetables (it drives my husband nuts!), my journaling. 

When I was learning how to knit as a child, I remember complaining to my mom that some of my super-tight stitches made my swatch uneven (and I really wanted it to be perfect.) I'm paraphrasing here, but she said something like, "That's how you know it's handmade. The imperfections make it beautiful." I've never forgotten that and I often repeat it to my own daughters.   

How about you? Which of life's imperfections are you working to change and which ones are you happy with just as they are?