The Ways in Which You Are Strong, Capable and Connected - New Journal Pages

I’ve just posted a new set of printable journal pages over at the shop. It’s full of things I would love for each of us to know about ourselves:

…that we are brave enough to pursue our dreams in spite of our fears;

…that we can forgive and be forgiven, to lighten our loads just a little and make room for new adventures;

…that some part of each of us shines brightly in every moment, even this one right now;

…that our goals are within our grasp, even in the face of daunting setbacks;

…that our well being is worthy of our time and effort; and

…that we are not alone.

The first page in the set is free for you to try. You can click here or on the image below to download it. You’ll find the rest over at my Colourful Words page.

As always, from my resilient, dreaming heart to yours, best wishes and happy journaling. xoxo