Journal Prompt Two Ways - Wrap Up

It's Friday, thank goodness! I learned a lot from this week's printable -- both from spending more time noticing and from working through the new format. I've posted the final pages below. 

The notebook:


The single page:


I had a lot of mixed feelings about the page and the prompt and myself this week, which I think are reflected in my entries -- they're a little scattered and unfocused. (Although I thoroughly enjoyed making the little stitched flower and sewing it directly onto the page.)

The upside of a week filled with doubt was figuring out how to manage it, how to regain focus. I read a lot and talked to people I love and trust and I let myself off the hook for not knowing all the answers right now. 

In the process, I ended up with an idea for a variation of this week's page, which I've turned into next week's printable. So, who knows? Perhaps I'll look back on this week as one of the good ones. 

How about you? What did you notice this week?