Printable Journal Page - Moments From Your Week

This week's printable journal page is out! It follows up on last week's format, but also goes in its own direction. To be honest, I feel like I'm going on instinct here and I hope you don't mind exploring with me. 

I was thinking about last week's noticing, but also about some of the daily sensations and experiences that can be good sources for reflection, in addition to be good things to record and to remember about our lives.

The thing about this page is that it approaches the week more by moments of experience than by chronological days.

I'm going to spend the week filling it out, little by little as I go, and I'll share some of my progress along the way.

For right now, though, the prompt that jumps out at me is taste. It has been a quiet day of writing and prepping for a talk next week, but it has also been a yummy day. Cranberry focaccia for breakfast -- which always reminds me of my mom's kitchen because I had it there first -- and lovely roast and mashed potato leftovers for lunch brought home late last night from my mother-in-law's kitchen -- which contain a unique blend of herbs and spices that everyone who knows her would recognize as hers.

How about you? Have there been any tasty moments in your day so far?