Monday's Printable Journal Prompt - Two Ways

I'm having such fun experimenting with this week's printable journal prompt. I printed two copies -- one to cut up and rearrange in my notebook and one to use as a single journal page. 

Here's my progress so far in my notebook:


The (almost) final layout is below. It includes a photo of some lovely white flowers I noticed on my walk yesterday with the pup and one of my favourite photos of the pup herself. I'll just give it one more once over and start taping down the elements.


Here's my progress so far with the single page copy:


This week's prompt is: one thing you noticed today.

One thing I noticed today is that the world suddenly seems a lot louder. It's a sensation I've been trying to put my finger on for a few days, but it finally dawned on me that it's because winter is finally over and our windows are open! I feel like I suddenly hear every car, lawn mower, siren, and construction crew in the neighbourhood. To be honest, it's put me on edge. It's temporary, I know. In a week, I'll be used to it and it won't distract me. But today, it's just about the only thing I'm noticing. 

What did you notice today?