What did you figure out today?

I’ve been thinking about new ways to play with colour and shapes in my journal pages — both my personal pages and my printables. Today, I think I figured out the beginnings of a new journal project — one that will involve a little paint, a scanner and lots of prompts. I love new projects!

What did you figure out today?


Being You

I didn’t realize until I took this picture — of a bit of journal experimentation using one of my favourite printable prompts as a template — that the page itself reveals aspects of what it feels like to be me: colour-inspired, enthusiastically chaotic in my approach to new ideas, and, in so many ways, a work in progress. All of which I’m slowly learning to embrace — rather than reject as personal shortcomings.

Such an unexpected turn of events, which is so often the case when I go wandering in my journal. I haven’t even glued anything down yet or written my three words! Who knows what will happen next?

How about you? Right this moment, what does it feel like to be you?


Leap! - a new colourful words journal page

I love everything about the word leap. It’s super-short, but it conjures up lively images of leaping for joy, leaping over puddles, and, when required, leaping the occasional tall building. It’s also the subject of a long list of sayings denoting progress, surprise, growth, and delight — all excellent food for thought and the inspiration for my newest colourful words journal page.

I had such a wonderful time writing the prompts for this page that I ended up taking a little leap of my own — from journal making to pattern making. I wondered if I could create some simple background patterns for pages in my journal. I played with shapes and colours in Illustrator and ended up with several options, which I printed and included in the photo above. But now I’m also wondering if I can find a fun way to include colourful patterns in my journal pages . . .

In the meantime, I hope this page will inspire you to leap to your journal and start writing!


One thing you do like no one else

I started a new journal today, which always feel so good. Oh, the possibilities!

I knew exactly what I wanted on the first page — a new do your thing printable I’ve been working on. I printed the half-letter version and glued it right onto page one.

It was such fun to create a whole page with huge type and just one prompt. I’ve already got my response in mind . . . of course, as so often happens, I can’t keep it to just one thing. So far, I’ve got optimism, journal pages, apple crisp, and a few more — all of which I’ll write there, on the first page, to remind me whenever I need it, to do my thing.

If you’d like a copy of my do your thing printable journal page, you’ll find it right here — and it’s free!

What do you do like no one else?


Journal pages in progress


On my virtual drawing board this week are two new colourful words journal pages - giggle and imagine - and a new experiment - a sort of interactive affirmation journal page to write and keep nearby while you dream your dream and do your thing. (The blue one up top says, “yes you can”.) They probably won’t end up looking exactly as they do here, but I’m loving the process of creating prompts within prompts. What do you think?


Love, inspire, make - new printable journal pages!

Speaking of love . . . I’m in love with the way these pages came together. Playing with colourful words and writing whimsical, even surprising, prompts to go along with them . . . you guys, this stuff makes my day.

Each page is designed to be journaled in the moment and can be used over and over again, whenever you’re in the mood for some quick, colourful reflection on your one-of-a-kind world. All you have to do is print and start writing!

You’ll find them in the new Colourful Words section of my shop. (The love page . . . of course . . . is free!)

Happy journaling!