Journals in progress


I’m up to five mini guided journals, each with five different prompts on five themes. There are still a few details to be worked on and sorted out on the inside pages. The text spacing’s not quite right and the prompts need a bit of tweaking, but I love the size (1.75”x2.25”) and the colourful covers and stitching. After that, I’ll just have to figure out what to do with them.

What kinds of details are you working on and sorting out today?


Mini guided journals


I made a teeny, tiny guided journal to tuck into one of my new envelopes. It’s a combination of all of my favourite things — journal prompts, a bit of colourful paper, and a fairly decent excuse to break out the embroidery thread and hand stitch the binding. I’ve created several mini prototypes to test out — each with a different mini theme. I love the capacity for a side project to illuminate new pathways and new ideas.

What sorts of projects are you working on right now?


And then some


“Let me be who I am, and then some,” wrote Mary Oliver in her essay Building the House. (From Upstream, 2016, p. 164.)

Imagine that. Going all in on who you are. Even the parts you might sometimes hold back or worry are just a little too much for public consumption.

My “and then some” might be more experiments with uncertain outcomes, more eye contact, more idealistic enthusiasm (or would it be enthusiastic idealism? I’m not sure.)

What is your “and then some”?


Making today better


I almost didn’t post this one. While the notion that each of us plays a significant role in the quality of our own days usually energizes me, today it feels like a lot of pressure. I think I’m feeling a bit of proactivity fatigue, if there is such a thing.

After some thought and a walk with our pup out in the sunshine, I decided to accept the fatigue rather than fight it and, to my surprise, felt better almost immediately.

So here’s my thought on this prompt: One thing I can do to make today better is to be open to the day as it unfolds — without rushing it or forcing it, and with the knowledge that it isn’t over yet. Its proportions haven’t been fully determined. There’s still room for joy or adventure and I’m open to the possibilities.

How about you and your day?


Journal prompt - your day and your natural disposition


At first, this one felt quick and easy. Reading, writing, and making, in some form or another, are almost always included in my daily routine and they feel as natural to me as breathing. Done. On to the next thing.

Except . . . the more I thought about this prompt, the more I found myself considering the daily tasks that do not suit my natural disposition. (Some days it’s a pretty long list.) But there’s a sense of possibility, I think, hidden in this prompt. Perhaps paying close attention to the things that make the most of our strengths and interests might also offer hints about new ways to approach or connect with the things that don’t. I do love it when a journal prompt takes an unexpected turn!

How about you? Which parts of your day suit your natural disposition?


Journal prompt - important moments


Even on the most routine days, there are important moments. This prompt makes me think about those unscheduled, unplanned moments that we notice all at once, while they’re happening, or hours later, when we have the chance to take a breath and think back on the day.

Reflecting on the events of my day, one moment that feels important was opening up to a friend and colleague about a difficulty I’ve encountered and requesting a short postponement to some work we’re doing together. I worried I was letting her down, but her understanding and support turned my day around and I can’t wait to take the next steps together.

Which of your moments today felt important?