One thing you do like no one else

I started a new journal today, which always feel so good. Oh, the possibilities!

I knew exactly what I wanted on the first page — a new do your thing printable I’ve been working on. I printed the half-letter version and glued it right onto page one.

It was such fun to create a whole page with huge type and just one prompt. I’ve already got my response in mind . . . of course, as so often happens, I can’t keep it to just one thing. So far, I’ve got optimism, journal pages, apple crisp, and a few more — all of which I’ll write there, on the first page, to remind me whenever I need it, to do my thing.

If you’d like a copy of my do your thing printable journal page, you’ll find it right here — and it’s free!

What do you do like no one else?