Leap! - a new colourful words journal page

I love everything about the word leap. It’s super-short, but it conjures up lively images of leaping for joy, leaping over puddles, and, when required, leaping the occasional tall building. It’s also the subject of a long list of sayings denoting progress, surprise, growth, and delight — all excellent food for thought and the inspiration for my newest colourful words journal page.

I had such a wonderful time writing the prompts for this page that I ended up taking a little leap of my own — from journal making to pattern making. I wondered if I could create some simple background patterns for pages in my journal. I played with shapes and colours in Illustrator and ended up with several options, which I printed and included in the photo above. But now I’m also wondering if I can find a fun way to include colourful patterns in my journal pages . . .

In the meantime, I hope this page will inspire you to leap to your journal and start writing!